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Law & Intellectual Property

IP-AGENCY: is an officially incorporated legal entity which is also approved by SIPO as qualified for foreign-related IP agency services. The agency has fine-tuned its patent agency work for different technical backgrounds. It has also set up a complete and meticulous case application work-flow process. The agency’s patent attorneys are not only trained in the respective technical fields but have also undergone systematic training in IP laws. The majority of our patent lawyers are capable of communicating in Chinese and English.

Services include:

  • Patent and trademark application and registration in China and other countries including European countries
  • Patent re-examination and invalidation
  • Providing trademark searches and watch services, prosecuting trademark applications, undertaking trademark oppositions, reviews and cancellations
  • Registration of layout designs of integrated circuit
  • Copyright registration


LEGAL SERVICE: our Chinese registered lawyers has remarkable experiences in offering company legal service for technologic enterprises and business innovation oriented enterprises.

Our law firm offers market-leading and full-service intellectual property (IP) related disputes and enforcement practice experiences, especially in China Mainland. Our lawyers may provide full around services in IP related fields from the judicial review and consulting of administrative decisions for the prosecution of patents and trademarks to civil litigation concerning disputes over patents, trademarks, copyrights (including software), domain names, and trade secrets. Our approach enables us to work with you to develop, protect and maximize your intellectual property portfolio.

Services include:

  • Legal services for patent, trademark, technology secrets and copyright, including litigation and non-litigation services
  • Corporation legal services, including reviewing, negotiating, processing of contracts
  • Labor law business, including labor dispute negotiations or arbitration; handling labor-related litigation and appeals; participating in collective litigation, etc.
  • Disputes resolution, including IP infringement; patent ownership, transfers or licensing disputes, etc.


PATENT DATA SERVICE: is equipped with numerous industry-acknowledged patent data analysis experts to provide IP information search and patent intelligence analysis services.

Services include:

  • Patent novelty search in China and worldwide
  • Free-to-Operate search in China
  • Patent analysis/patent mapping


IP-CONSULTANT: provides legal advice on all aspects of global intellectual property law, including patents, trademarks, copyrights and other related Intellectual Property rights.

We provide high value-added IP consultancy services related with clients’ IP invention creation, management, operation and protection. IP consultancy service is of great importance to comprehensively promote clients’ IP asset value, assist and improve clients’ business operation.